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Dalius Petrulionis

co-founder & CTO

Dalius Petrulionis is an opto-electronics engineer with over 10 years of experience in the design and development of high-power ultra-short pulse lasers (100 fs – 200 ps, 80 W, > 1 mJ), obtained while working at Light Conversion and 9 years of experience in fast pulse and RF electronics obtained while working in Vilnius University and Light Conversion. He has designed novel high speed electro-optic modulators and their driving electronics as well as investigated acoustic damping methods for electro-optic modulators. In 2023 Dalius received a nomination from The #Photonics 100: The industry’s most innovative people for his achievements in free-space optical communications and control methods for regenerative amplifiers. As a CTO, his technical vision and engineering enthusiasm is one of the key driving forces behind Astrolight, while his deep knowledge, curiosity and a grain of engineering scepticism helps the company challenge the established norms.